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Deina Yamanaka -OC- by NaruHinaSasuSaku4evr Deina Yamanaka -OC- by NaruHinaSasuSaku4evr
link of others below ... go to shimara's for full explanation.
used this for words: scarletrosehatake1.deviantart.…
used :iconhapuriainen: 's naruto character creator

Name: Deina Yamanaka
Status: Active

Village: Konohagakure
 Were they born in said village?: yes
   If not what is their original village of birth?: N/A
     Why did they leave their birth village?: N/A

Clan(s): Yamanaka Clan
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: March 19 (Age 16)
Rank: Chunin
Exams Taken: Chunin Exam
Teammates: Inadie Yamanaka, Tamaku Nara
Sensei: Kiba Inuzuka
Missions Experience:
   S: 0
   A: 0
   B: 8
   C: 10
   D: 15
Chakra Type: Earth
Ninjutsu Range: Long
Defensive or Offensive: Offensive
Chakra Control: Excellent
Weapons: clay
   Weapon Appearance: white clay
   Special Abilities: Explosion Release
Kekkai Genkai:
   Explosion Release


   Specialty Jutsu: Explosion Release, great

   Gen-Jutsu: N/A

   Tai-Jutsu: Great

   Nin-Jutsu: Great

   Juin-Jutsu: N/A

   Dou-Jutsu: N/A

   Hi-Jutsu: Explosion Release, great


Gender: Female
Height: 5’6” / 167.64 cm
Weight: 102.4 lbs / 46.45 kg
Markings: N/A
   Tattoos: N/A
   Birth Marks: N/A
   Scars: N/A
Hair Color: Dark blonde
Hair Length: Waist length
   Style: High ponytail
   Does it cover part of their face?: left eye
   Accessories: red beaded hair-tie for ponytail
Eye Color:
   Flecked Eyes: N/A
   Different Colors: N/A
Hitai-ate Location: left arm
   Shirt: mustard-colored semi-tight shirt that falls to just above where her waist curves
   Pants: N/A
   Shorts: a short black skirt, length is above mid-thigh
   Hats: N/A
   Accessories: a belt over her skirt with an extra part that fastens over her waist on the left
   Fishnets: covering her stomach and down to mid-thighs
   Bandages: N/A

       Name: Ino Yamanaka
       Relationship: she only talks to her mother when it is necessary, but still loves her

       Name: Deidara
       Relationship: Complete adoration, she strives to impress him
       Name: Inadie Yamanaka
       Date of Birth: March 19
       Gender: Female
       Relationship: twins, she is constantly annoyed by her younger sister and responds with violence, their relationship is tense. But Deina will not allow anyone else to endanger her sister, because she still loves her

Do they still live with their Parent(s)/Guardian(s): yes
   If not, who do they live with?: N/A
       Why?: She is too young to move out

Mature, Brave, Intelligent, Honest, Hard-working, Artistic
Manipulative, Hot-headed, Sarcastic, Harsh, Impatient, Unsociable


       Food: meat, mostly poultry and eggs
       Color: Black, and then yellow
       Animal: birds
       Hobbies: experimenting with clay, making clay art
       Activities: sleeping and training
       Season: Autumn
       Person: her father and Tamaku
       Climate: Cool
       Mission Type: A
       Nickname: N/A
       Time of Day: Nighttime
       Day of Week: Saturday
       Month: N/A
       Flower: N/A
       Place: N/A

       Food: rice
       Color: pink and any bright or neon colors
       Animal: N/A
       Hobbies: N/A
       Activities: N/A
       Season: Summer
       Person: her sister, sometimes
       Climate: Hot
       Mission Type: D
       Nickname: “Dee” (Inadie calls her this, and she hates it)
       Time of Day: Morning
       Day of Week: Monday
       Month: N/A
       Flower: N/A
       Place: N/A

loved ones dying, her father being disappointed in her

   Friend(s): Shimara Nara, Tamaku Nara
   Enemy/Enemies: N/A
   Rival(s): N/A
   Crush(s): N/A
   Lover(s): Tamaku Nara
   Dislikes: Inadie Yamanaka (sometimes)
   Acquaintance(s): Kiba Inuzuka


She favors her father over her mother and tries to be like him as much as she can, even though she was already born with most of his traits. She enjoys training with her father as much as she can, to spend time with him and make him proud of her. Things that are too easy frustrate her, because she likes to be active and have a challenge. She is mainly only in a bad mood around Inadie, but around everyone else she is nice, and with her close friends she is very loving. She loves her sister, but she gets easily annoyed by her and she’d like some quiet time every once in a while, which she hardly ever gets. However, if anyone else tries to harm her sister, Deina will step in and beat them senseless while shouting “I’m the only one who can hurt my sister!” Deina is a few minutes older than her twin sister.

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